Adult Numeracy Center

The Adult Numeracy Center provides high quality math instruction for adult learners. You鈥檒l learn first-hand how math is present and relevant in everyday life, how you can use this knowledge to improve your life, community, and propel your career.

EMPower Professional Development Workshops

Our in-depth workshops offer exciting opportunities for adult numeracy teachers interested improving the quality of mathematics instruction for adults. Designed for all levels of math-comfort, these insightful and motivational sessions will help you expand your ideas of what it means to do math, focusing on reasoning, communication, and problem solving.

Investigations PD: transforming mathematics teaching and learning

These breakthrough development workshops are for teachers, administrators and mathematics leaders. They are designed to transform your teaching, enhancing your understanding of how children learn mathematics.

Inquiry Project

Implementation Workshops that introduce teachers to the Inquiry Project curriculum and embedded assessment opportunities.

Focus on Energy

The Focus on Energy Summer Workshop empowers elementary teachers to incorporate foundational energy ideas accurately and effectively in their own curriculum.

LEAP delivers early algebra experiences that easily integrates with any curriculums. Professional Development for LEAP consists of seven online interactive 75-minute live sessions that will reinforce the big ideas in the LEAP curriculum: equivalence, expressions, equations, and inequalities; generalized arithmetic; functional thinking.

Talk Science

Talk Science PD is a blend of web-based study, opportunities to try ideas in the classroom, and face-to-face study group meetings designed to help teachers increase the effectiveness of classroom science discussions.